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Greentown Youth Baseball (EHGJBL)

Greentown Youth Baseball (EHGJBL)


Greentown Rookie League Rules


1.     Each team is permitted one (1) manager and five (5) coaches in the dugout.

2.     All managers, coaches and umpires must be at least eighteen (18) years of age, unless approved by league board and/or league director.

3.     All managers, coaches, umpires and players are not to leave the fenced in area after the game starts. Going to the restroom and emergencies is the only exception.

4.     A player will be warned for throwing their helmet or bat in anger. If they do it for a 2nd time they can be ejected.

5.     Either a manager or a coach may go to the foul line to talk to players, umpires, but only one may go.  The infield can be called to the foul line for one minute.  Three defensive time-outs per game.

6.     One of the players and/or a younger player can be bat boy and must wear a helmet.

7.     A line up must be given to the other team 15 minutes prior to game time.

8.     The batting lineup will include entire team roster.  There will be ten (10) defensive players with a 6-out mandatory (unless game is shortened) playing rule. 

9.     There will be a fifteen (15) run rule in effect after three innings and ten (10) run rule in effect after four innings or 3 ½ innings if the home team is ahead.  After the 4th inning, the inning must be completed.

10.   In event of injury, umpire may call time-out at his discretion whether play is live or dead.  Safety first!

11.   A suspended game shall be resumed at the point of suspension of the original game. Players will never be excluded from playing even if they missed the original game. They will be added to the bottom of the batting lineup order and will take their next scheduled turn at bat.

12.   Each team will have (I0) ten minutes of infield practice prior the game (time permitting). The visitors will take their infield practice first. Be prompt so that games can be kept on a schedule.

13.   Home teams will be responsible for making sure game balls, bases, base lines and pitching machine are set and in place by game time

14.   Visiting team will be responsible for putting away bases and pitching machine, racking the infield and emptying the trash containers.

15.   No new inning will start after 1 hour 45 minutes and drop dead at 2 hours.

16.   Pitching machine is to be set at 40 mph. Wheel should be directly over the rubber.                                                    

17.   Abusive talk, fighting, or rowdiness will not be tolerated.  It may lead to ejections and possible suspensions of further games.  This applies to all fans and coaches.  This is for the KIDS and will be conducted as such.

18.   Coaches feeding the machine will not be allowed to rest their arms or feet on the machine. 

19.   If a team comes into a game unable to full-fill their roster requirements they may opt to select player(s) from Greentown’s T-Ball program to meet the minimal roster requirement.

20.   A game will use ten (10) defensive players but may be played with nine (9) defensive players.  However, a game must start with at least nine (9) players or a forfeit will occur. If additional players arrive after the start, they will be added to the bottom of the batting order and will take their next scheduled turn at bat.

21.   The machine will be re-adjusted anytime at the discretion of the umpire for safety reasons or it pitches two (2) balls in a row.  The machine will be adjusted at the top of an inning with both teams’ coaches in agreement.

22.   All protest must be made to the home plate umpire prior to next pitch.  The protesting team then has ten (10) minutes to show the rule infraction in the book or rules.  If the rule cannot be provided, the call will stand, and play continues.

23.   No judgment call can be protested.

24.   Any other rule not covered under Greentown Rookie League Rules please refer to the Cal Ripken Book.

25.  Each team will be allowed six (6) runs per inning through the 5th inning.  The 6th inning will be unlimited.


26.  The team at bat during an inning may have no more than (3) three coaches on the field at any time. One at first, one at third, and one at the pitching machine.

27.  The ball is dead when the pitcher gets one foot in the circle and has possession of the ball.

28.  Any runner who has established contact with or beyond the halfway line, when the pitcher possesses the ball within the circle, is allowed to advance to the next base without the risk of being put out.  If runner is not at least to the halfway line, and the pitcher has possession within the circle, the runner will be returned to their original base without the risk of being put out. 

29.  * An overthrow occurs when an infielder throws the ball over the head and/or out of reach of their teammate, this also includes a ball in the dirt. An overthrow will only be called either at base attempting to make a play or getting the ball to the pitcher. You are allowed one base on an overthrow, however the runner is advancing at their own risk. Runner can still be thrown out. 

30.  There are no fake bunt/swinging allowed (batter showing bunt then swing on the same pitch). A batter my show bunt and pull it back. This rule is strictly for safety purpose.  Batter will be called out.

31.  Any batted ball hitting the machine, or the pitching coach will be considered dead and the batter will receive first base.  A ball that also stops under the pitching machine will be considered dead.

32.  The person feeding the machine must stoop down for any throw within the infield. Failure to do so will result in runners being sent back to original base.  Failure to stoop down for a throw to first on a batted ball will result in the batter being called out.  Again, this is a judgment call.

33.  The slide rule is in effect at all bases, except first base.  A runner will be called out if a slide is not made or an attempt to avoid a fielder who HAS POSSESSION OF THE BALL AND IS WAITING TO MAKE A TAG.  NO FIELDER MAY BLOCK A BAG/PLATE WITHOUT POSSESSION OF THE BALL.

34.  No steals are allowed.

35.   The batter will receive five (5) pitches or three (3) swinging strikes, whichever comes first.  If a batter fouls off five (5) pitches he will continue to bat until he places the ball into fair territory, gets a third strike or takes a pitch.

36.   The coach (pitcher) may only direct the batter in his batting position (in, out, up and back).  He may not coach the batter and base-runner(s).

37.  A base-runner running through first base may only be tagged out if they make an attempt/baseball move towards second base. Turning left is not an attempt. This is a judgment call of the umpire.


38.  Two coaches will be allowed on the field in foul territory while their team is on defense.  They must remain in the outfield.  

39.  The outfielders must stay in the outfield until the batted ball passes one of the four exterior infielders.  They may enter the infield on any thrown ball.

40.  First (1st) and third (3rd) must remain behind the white lines until the ball reaches home plate. 

41.  The pitcher must start behind the white line and stay inside the circle until the ball crosses the plate.

42.  The pitcher must play on the first base side of the pitching machine.  (Opposite the wheel)

43.  There will be a catcher’s box built for each game.  The box will be from the center of each batter’s box and go three (3) feet deep.  The catcher must remain in this box.

44.  Once the pitcher has possession of the ball within the circle, they may not bring it out of the circle to make a play on any runner

45.  If the pitcher fields a batted ball within the circle, they will make a play on any runner at any base from inside the circle. Otherwise the play is dead when runner reaches base safely.

46.  No infield fly rule.

* An overthrow occurs when an infielder throws the ball over the head and out of the reach of their teammate. The player must turn around and go after the ball.


Greentown Youth Baseball (EHGJBL)
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