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Team Staff

Bradford Realty Team Rosa, Shawn Manager 765-480-9304
  Pence, Camery Asst Coach 419-564-4384
  Taflinger, Dustin Coach 765-432-8662

Bridge Landscaping Etchison, Morgan Manager 765-438-8942
  Ingle, Mathias Asst Coach 574-721-3550
  Evans, Coach 765-610-1258

Erik's Cheverlot Geary, Jason Manager 765-437-7541
  Horner, Brad Coach 765-438-4951
  Moloch, Matthew Coach 765-438-8718

Garage Door Depot Lavengood, Michael Manager 317-417-1066
  Murphy, Michael Coach
  Pundt, Chad Coach 765-432-8759
  Rife, Joe Coach

Ivy Physical Therapy Damitz, Tyson Manager 765-480-4696
  Hastings, Coach 765-438-9637
  Damitz, Tiffany Coach 765-513-4746

Shrock's Dri Gas Willey, Amy Manager 765-860-3275
  Sandlin, Brian Coach 765-210-5842
  Spencer, Ryan Coach 765-618-5640
  Willey, Jake Coach
Rookie League
Gravity Trampoline Park Guardado, Gabe Manager 765-278-6168
  Redmon, Andy Asst Coach 765-776-1922
  Spencer, Ryan Coach 765-618-5640
  Flannary, Shawn Coach 765-894-5737

Hochstedler Energy Systems Boles, Brandon Manager 765-438-5494
  Zook , Trent Manager 765-437-8493
  Winkler, Jake Coach
  Beachy, Troy Coach 765-210-1555

Huston Electric Shafer, Evan Manager 765-438-7488
  Newlin, Jacob Coach 765-730-8002
  Eagle, Josh Coach
  Tarrh, Aaron Coach
  Winger, Josh Coach

Shamrock Storage Kretz, Shane Manager 765-507- 0768
  Lavengood, Michael Coach 317-417-1066
  Kaiser , Reed Coach 765-437-8481
  Sheridan, Mike Coach
Minor League
Ladd Dental Hullinger, Jeremy Manager 765-419-3852
  Farkas, Nick Coach
  Ewing, Joe Coach
  Ferguson, David Coach

Plevna Implement WRIGHT, RICHARD Manager 765-513-7614
  Ramer, Chad Coach 765-461-6242
  Shrock, Drew Coach
  Budde, Doug Coach
  Shrock, Trent Coach

R Cox & Son's Construction Robinson, BJ Manager 419-565-7563
  Hilsinger, James Coach 765-398-0548
  Conner, Brad Coach 765-432-7103
  Young, Gary Coach 765-327-1404
  Oman, Ryan Coach
  Willey, Jake Coach
  Seagrave, Tony Coach
Major League
Cornerstone Construction Edwards, Josh Manager 765-438-3984
  Shafer, Evan Coach
  Kaiser, Reed Coach 765-437-8481
  Kelley, Todd Coach
  Edwards, Henry Coach

Lions Club Roush, Bryck Manager 765-432-3435
  Musgrave, Craig Coach
  Snyder, Rick Coach
  Roush, Brant Coach
  Gibson, Braden Coach

Panda Vans Beachy, Troy Manager 765-210-1555
  Brockus, Tobias Coach 765-243-4174
  Echelbargher, Conde Coach 765-480-9065
  Otto, Lyle Coach 765-438-7480
  Eagle, Gaylon Coach 765-434-1405

The Key Team Hilsinger, James Manager 765-398-0548
  Cox, Joe Coach 765-432-8568
  Young, Gary Coach 765-327-1404
  Kochensparger, Jason Coach
  Robinson, BJ Coach
  Hastings, Brian Coach
Babe Ruth
Flodder Sawmill Gilbert, JP Manager 765-432-8770

Lee’s Expert Auto Glass Muller, Robin Manager 765-480-9439
  Thomas, Will Coach 765-865-1606

OnSite Services/Nolley's Fewell, Jake Manager 765-776-6196

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