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2018 Tee Ball Season

Important: Online Registration has officially closed. You will not be able to submit information or complete payment using this form.

Welcome to the Greentown Youth Baseball online registration. A quick explanation of fees. There are two fees each family will see. The first is a registration fee charged per player. The amount is based off what league your player will be competing in. T-ball (3-6) - $15. The second fee is a Raffle Ticket fundraiser fee. Each family will be charged $75 for the fundraiser in the spring. In turn, you will be given $75 in raffle tickets (Check the website for pickup times). The raffle ticket stubs will be due at the opening day ceremonies. The maximum amount any family will pay is $175 total. (With the ability to recover $75, through selling the raffle tickets). If you would like or if you have advertising for Free Play, you will need to register in person. Please contact Troy Beachy after February 10th for in person signups.

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